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John Barrowman at Supanova Sydney 2014 - 15/6/14

"When I’m the happiest; it’s when I miss him the most. I don’t know how to live. I don’t know how to hold on to him. I, I don’t know how to live without him. It just hurts, so much… but the hurt’s precious to me. I don’t want to stop hurting."

Nina crying, telling her mum Geraldine how much she misses Patrick.

Offspring | Series Five: Episode Five
Written by Jonathan Gavin and directed by Kate Dennis

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Season 5 Countdown

13 Days - Favourite Minor Female Character - Kim Ackerholt


Season 5 Countdown

12 Days - Favourite Major Male Character - Patrick Reid

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 all the things i ship ★ jess mariano and rory gilmore

i think i may have loved you, but i just need to let it go. so, that’s it, i guess. um, i hope you’re good. i want you to be good, and, um, okay, so, goodbye. that word sounds really lame and stupid right now, but there it is. goodbye.

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